How To Save Big On A Stadium Parking Pass

You have it all figured out…

You’ve got your tickets…

You've put together the perfect tailgating menu…

You even planned your travel route, with alternate directions in case traffic gets too crazy.

And then you realize that you don’ have a stadium parking pass.

No problem, right? Yes, NP… until you see this:

Stadium parking pass

What you are looking at is not the cost of a season parking pass, nor is it for the Super Bowl. What you are seeing is the cheapest price for an “official” parking spot for the New England Patriots 2017 home opener on 9/7, and it doesn’t even include fees and shipping.

While the Patriots are an extreme example, the point I’m trying to make is this: if you thought secondary market prices are overinflated for game tickets, it’s even worse for parking.

The initial average secondary market ticket price of $243.361 in 2016 was 162% more than the average face value cost2, while the cheapest price for parking passes on the secondary market averages $1093, or 235% more than the average face value cost.


Team Avg. Cheapest Parking Pass
New England Patriots      $610.21
Green Bay Packers      $172.79
Chicago Bears      $170.02
Denver Broncos      $164.88
Oakland Raiders      $162.85
Cleveland Browns      $153.83
Seattle Seahawks      $139.00
Dallas Cowboys      $125.45
Philadelphia Eagles      $115.35
Pittsburgh Steelers      $114.39
New Orleans Saints      $112.34
Washington Redskins      $97.07
Cincinnati Bengals      $87.05
Atlanta Falcons      $85.95
Jacksonville Jaguars      $82.00
Carolina Panthers      $80.24
Buffalo Bills      $68.54
Baltimore Ravens      $66.76
Tampa Bay Buccaneers      $65.91
Indianapolis Colts      $59.70
Tennessee Titans      $59.14
Minnesota Vikings      $57.96
San Francisco 49ers      $57.95
Kansas City Chiefs      $50.83
Miami Dolphins      $48.66
Houston Texans      $45.97
New York Giants      $45.93
New York Jets      $44.73
Arizona Cardinals      $17.65
3Prices are for the cheapest available parking pass based upon June-July 2017 data from 8 broker sites (StubHub, VividSeats, TicketLiquidator, Coast to Coast, Ticket City, TickPick, & TiqIQ) and are representative of team-endorsed parking sites, which may or may not include privately owned lots. Fees/shipping included.
Data not available for Chargers, Lions, Rams

That fact that there are 5 teams - the Patriots, Bears, Saints, Raiders, Browns(!) - whose cheapest parking pass is more expensive than some of their game tickets, only highlights the absurdity of the cost of parking at some NFL stadiums.

Stadium parking pass alternatives

Park and Ride.   For those that are adverse to using public transportation, using a Park and Ride is a good compromise. A great time and money saver if available.

Pros: Avoid stadium parking lot exit traffic, save lots of money.
Cons: Not ideal if you’re toting extra gear and/or small children.

Find a sports bar with parking and shuttle.   If there is a nearby sports bar that offers parking and a shuttle ride to the stadium, go for it. It’s an all-in-one solution for a pre-game meal, TV, & parking, and will likely cost you no more than $50 (for two).

Pros: Save money on food, drinks, & parking.
Cons: Alas, places like this are quite rare. Click here, park anywhere
Offsite parking.   If you can’t find reasonably priced parking for your NFL football team, this is the next best thing. For a fraction of the cost, you get to park nearby, and - if the facility allows - even tailgate in true NFL style.

Pros: Save money. Avoid stadium exit traffic.
Cons: Tailgating may not be permitted. You may have to walk a bit to get to the stadium.

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