The Best Way To Stream NFL Games?
C´mon, That's A Clown Question, Bro…

No seriously, if you need to stream NFL games, and you don’t have to watch them live…

Then NFL Game Pass is an absolute no-brainer.

Just consider the evidence:

  • Super convenient.   The games are available to you anytime after they end. And not only can you view them on a variety of mobile devices, you can watch on your 65” 4K TV if you wish. In other words, you can watch NFL football online when, where, or how you want.

  • Time saver.   The ability to view condensed game replays in 30 minutes means that you can watch that many more games.

  • Availability.   Unlike Sunday Ticket, NFL Game Pass is available internationally.

  • Price.   It costs $100 less than Sunday Ticket Online.

  • Free trial.  You can try it risk-free for 7 days.

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A quick comparison

  The good The bad The ugly
NFL Mobile App Free No out of market games For Verizon customers only
NFL Sunday All games Price. Condensed games 3 days a week only. Available in limited areas and under certain conditions.
Free streaming sites Stream NFL games online free Viewability Adware, malware, DeMarcus Ware… beware!
NFL Game Pass All games. Available internationally. 1/3 the cost of Sunday Ticket Online. Requires streaming device to watch on a TV No live games

How much is NFL Game Pass?

At only $99.99, it’s about the same price as a Nike NFL Game Jersey and less than most yearly cable TV subscriptions. Here’s another way to look at it: in about the same amount of time that it takes to watch 4 games live, you can take in 25 condensed game replays. $99.99 / 25 = $4 per game, or what you would pay to rent a movie online from Vudu.

It’s this kind of value that makes NFL Game Pass not only something you need, but something you want. And if you can afford it, you don’t even have to make that tough choice between Sunday Ticket and Game Pass, because if you already have a subscription to Max, Game Pass is only $50 extra.

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Stream NFL games with features that will blow you away

Still not convinced that NFL Game Pass is the best way to stream NFL games? Here’s a rundown on all it has to offer:
  • Live preseason games (out-of-market only)

  • All regular season games

  • Past seasons. Watch replays of every game dating back to the 2009 season. This feature alone makes it worth the price for NY Giants fans, who can relive Brady Bowl II and all the moments leading up to it.

  • Condensed games. Watch game replays sans commercials, in just 30 minutes, complete with DVR controls.

  • Coaches film. Indulge your inner John Madden and break down the action like a coach’s coach. Regular, pedestrian broadcasts give you 4 camera angles. With the All-22 and EndZone features you get 22 camera angles.

  • NFL documentaries and shows. Watch past seasons of NFL Films/NFL Network features such as Hard Knocks, Sound FX, America’s Game, & A Football Life.

Stream NFL games with NFL Game Pass

Watch NFL football online your way --
when you want, how you want.

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