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Super Bowl Ticket Prices
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What NFL fan doesn’t dream of scoring Super Bowl tickets?

The cold reality though, is that less than 30% ever get to go to the biggest of games.

As you might have guessed, cost is a major reason why:

On the secondary market, tickets for last season's game (Super Bowl LI) started at $2200 for seats that list at $850 face value.

But Super Bowl ticket prices aren’t the only problem…

After all, affordability is only an issue if you can find one.

Where do all the SuperBowl tickets go?

75% of the tickets are distributed to the 32 NFL organizations and its fans. Each organization in turn, distributes the tickets amongst its employees, and the rest are allocated to season ticket holders.

For the purposes of this discussion, I’m going to use 190 as the estimated number of team employees (including players), 50,000 for the number of season ticket holders, and 70,000 as the number of available seats.

While it was reported that each player in Super Bowl 50 received 15 tickets each, it’s less clear as to how many are given to front office employees. So let’s say that 15 of the high-level execs and the 25-member coaching staff are each given 4, and the remaining 110 employees get 2 apiece. The total would be 980, leaving 11,270 for season ticket holders. I’m also guessing that players for the 30 non-participating teams don’t get 15 tickets, so let’s knock the total down to about 540 for those organizations.

So here’s the breakdown:

  • The teams participating in the Super Bowl each get 17.5%, so if you own season passes for one of those teams you have about a 22.5% chance of scoring a ticket.
  • The team that’s hosting the game is allocated 5%, meaning their fans have about a 6% chance ((3,500-540)/50,000).
  • The rest of the league gets 1.2%, so if you’re a season ticket holder for one of those 29 teams, your odds are about one-tenth of 6%.
           Source: Huffington Post

Yep, that’s right - each & every year, the season pass holders of 3 teams are really the only fans that have a chance to buy a Super Bowl seat.

What if I don’t own season tickets?

Your chances of getting a Super Bowl ticket...
Your chances of getting a
Super Bowl ticket…
Unless you’re extremely well-connected or really lucky, let’s just say that the odds aren’t worth calculating.

So if you don’t own season passes and you want to buy Super Bowl tickets, you can either:

  • Enter the annual lottery, which allows 250 non-season ticketholder fans a chance to purchase 2 seats at face value…


  • Get them from a ticket broker at secondary market prices.

The thing is, when it comes to the Super Bowl, all bets are off. So even reseller sites that offer cheap NFL tickets during the regular season will charge eye-popping numbers for the big game - according to TiqIQ, the average price for a ticket to Super Bowl 50 was $4841 on the secondary market.

It’s true - Super Bowl tickets at face value!

Who needs lotteries or season tickets when you’ve got Ticket Score?

In a nutshell:

  1. You select a team.
  2. You choose a seating level (“zone”). Zone 1= the cheap seats, 4 = premium.
  3. You buy in to a fixed weekly price that you can stop paying at any time.
  4. If your team makes it to the Super Bowl, then so do you!

From the point that you opt in, you pay the buy-in price every calendar week until the date of the big game. So if you decided to buy in to the Denver Broncos (Zone 1) in late August of 2014, your opt-in price would have been $21/week or $420 ($21 x 20) total. Imagine that… 400 bucks for a SuperBowl ticket!

Even if you chose to opt in at week 7 of that year, your total cost of $1014 ($78 x 13) was just about what you would have paid for a face value ticket, and on a weekly plan no less.

Basically, it’s a gamble - opt in early & get a great price or wait too long and lose out completely. And of course if your team of choice fails to go all the way, you lose whatever you've paid.

But with SuperBowl ticket prices nearing over $5K these days, this is the best site for affordable seating to NFL football’s pinnacle and is a gamble well worth taking.

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