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The best Superdome parking spots?

For tailgating and proximity, the official garages surrounding the ‘Dome and the 7 satellite lots (including Champions Garage) are your best bets, but it’ll cost you.

If you want to save a few bucks, public parking near the Louisiana Superdome can be had for much, much less.

Just how much less?

Well, the average initial cheapest cost for a New Orleans Saints stadium parking pass on the secondary market was $112.34 prior to the start of the season. That figure was the 11th-highest among NFL teams, and was about $36 more than the team’s average initial cheapest game ticket.

And while resale prices have dropped considerably since July and August, using the Dec. 3 game vs. the Carolina Panthers as an example, it can still cost you at least 100 bucks (and as much as $1000!) to purchase parking online:

New Orleans Saints parking is expensive
This doesn’t even include fees & shipping!

The choice is yours… you can pay a lot of money and enjoy the benefits of parking at the Superdome, or save a lot of money by using offsite lots. If you’re not sure, here are…

4 reasons the best parking Superdome parking is away from it

1. Walking tour. With all that New Orleans has to offer, there is much you can discover en route to the Dome. Try some blackened alligator at Walk-On's, experience live jazz at the Little Gem Saloon, and if your timing is right, one of the various festivals that the city is famous for.

Consider it a mini tour of the French Quarter… if you park here, this is what your walk would look like.

2. Get in a little gambling. If you’re feeling lucky, try your hand at the slots or roulette table at Harrah’s Casino on Poydras St. It'll cost you just 15 bucks to park, and it’s about a mile from the Dome -- if you think it's too long of a walk, see above.

3. Save your time… and your mind. Even though the Interstate 10 construction has ended, the post game exit traffic is still enough to make you scream. You can avoid at least some of the bottleneck if you park away from the Dome.

4. Save money.  Using the Dec. 3 game against the Panthers again as an example, there are 7 spots where you can book parking for $15 or less within a mile of the Louisiana Superdome, which would save you $100 or more when compared to secondary market prices.

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