5 Worst Tailgate Gear Ideas Of All Time

The immense popularity of tailgating has become a foil for overzealous marketers…

And the result has been tailgate gear and gadgets that are impractical and a waste of money.

They’re not all bad, of course…

But for every Instagate. there’s a Grooler; for every trash bag holder, there’s a Cap Trap.

Sometimes, in order to learn from our mistakes, we need to relive them. With that in mind, here are five of…

The worst tailgate gear and gadgets in history

Worst tailgate gear ever...
1) Frost Boss.  A $30 portable device that can chill a can in less than 2 minutes, “perfect for tailgating”. Well I don’t know about that… if you have a standard 70-can cooler, then 70 x 2 minutes = 2.33 hours.

Someone’s going to wait a long time for their beer to get cold. And of course, it only works with cans.

If you want to save money and chill your beverages just as quickly using just ice and water, read this.

Worst tailgate gear ideas ever...
2) Cap Trap.   “Eco-friendly bottle opener and cap catcher”.

Hey, here’s a novel idea - how about depositing the bottle cap in the garbage??

This item has been discontinued.

What a shocker.

Worst tailgate gear of all time...
3) Remote Control Cooler.   (Also discontinued) For 69 bucks, this is more of a toy than anything. “Don’t let crippling inebriation stop you from grabbing another beer - now you can remotely fetch yourself a cold brewski with this remote control drink cooler!”

Is getting up off your butt to grab a cold one really that much of a hassle?? But since this gadget holds just 6 cans/bottles, you’ll be getting up just as often to refill it.

Bad tailgate gear ideas
4) The Grooler.   The all time unofficial king of overpriced ($125), bad tailgating ideas. I’ve often wondered what reasoning, if any, went into the purchase of this discontinued grill/cooler combo. “Sure, I can buy a better quality grill and cooler separately that will take up less space at half the cost, but what the hell!”

Really bad tailgate gear ideas...
5) Canopy Cooler.   Another invention that’s supposed to be a convenient combination of two products. At least they didn’t give this a lame name, like “The Canooler”. This 48-can capacity soft sided cooler doubles as a canopy weight.

But the last time I checked, a canopy has 4 legs. Four canopy coolers = $160 = I don’t think so.

So buy these (if you still can) at the risk of your tailgate party. But like I said, not all of the ideas are this bad. If you’re looking for some useful and inexpensive tailgating gear, go here.

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