The Best Ticket Brokers Can Save You Up To 26%

When comparing sports ticket brokers, what is it that you look for?


Sure, service is important, but any legit website these days is going to provide decent customer service at the very least, that is, if it wants to last.

What about reputation? If you think about it, is there really anything, aside from the name, that sets StubHub apart from the rest?

Reputable is good, though being reliable is just as important. One way to check the trustworthiness of a ticket broker is to see if it’s a member of the National Association of Ticket-Brokers (NATB).

But what it really boils down to is…

The ticket brokers with the cheapest prices

As I mentioned here, consistently low prices are good, but to save money like that you’d have to buy tickets quite often - like, every week - in order to benefit.

What you really need are sites that offer the cheapest NFL ticket prices more often than not - think of it as a “sale”.

Here are the top sites for cheap football tickets, along with the number of times it had the lowest price for a particular game:

CaptainTicket 17
Vivid Seats 21
SeatGeek 22
StubHub 29
TicketIQ 30
TickPick 109

Five ticket resellers offered up the best price on the secondary market 8% to 15% of the time, but…

The sports ticket brokers with the lowest prices

As you can see, over the course of 205 games during the 2017 season, one site had the lowest price 53% of the time.

And over the course of two seasons and over 300 games, one site had the cheapest seat 154 times, or 4 times less than 15 other sites combined:

The cheapest ticket brokers online

And though I stress that an average low price isn’t nearly as important as having the lowest price frequently, this one site has also got that covered:

The cheapest sports ticket brokers
Price data is from all non-international games played from weeks 4 through week 17

The numbers don’t lie - not only did TickPick have the cheapest tickets more than half of the time during the 2017 regular season, you would also save 12% on average.

So if you were to come up with a checklist for the best place to buy NFL tickets, here’s what it might look like:

Transparent pricing?
“Name your price” bidding option?
Lowest average prices?
Most cheapest tickets?
Member NATB?*  
Save you money?
*Though not a member of the NATB, TickPick does have an A+ rating from the BBB

On top of your 12% savings, get an additional $10 off your first purchase:

$10 off Coupon

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