Who Needs Sunday Ticket?
Watch NFL Football Online For Free

Watch NFL Football Online Free, But...
Well, not really.

The Sunday Ticket part, that is.

NFL Sunday Ticket is what every football fan wants -- but is not what every football fan is willing or able to pay for.

But if you want to watch NFL football online for free, you’re not going to find anything like it.

More & more people watch NFL games online these days. Should you?

At $99.99, the best bargain for fans that want to watch NFL games online is unquestionably NFL Game Pass.

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Given the state of the economy though, it’s understandable if you don’t want to spend even that much, so here are 3 ways to stream NFL games without spending a cent:

Twitter.   Yes, Twitter. It will stream NFL games live during the 2016 regular season - a total of 10 Thursday night contests. Here is the schedule.

NFL Mobile App.   This gives you access to all local games, plus the NFL Network, but it’s only for Verizon Wireless subscribers.

Free sites.   There are websites that give you free access to almost any and every NFL game out there. I can’t endorse nor recommend any of them, because they’re illegal in most places, and that’s just one of the concerns. While it won’t cost you a cent above your existing data plan, you’re going to have to endure a ton of pop-up ads and possible malware.

If you’re still willing to take those risks in order to save money, here are…

4 sites to watch NFL football online free

First Row Sports. You first have to select "Am. Football" and then click the 'Refresh links' button before you get to this:

Watch NFL Football Online Free

After you select one of the links, it takes about four clicks to get to the screen with the media player, with each click producing one or two full-screen pop-up windows.

Then the fun begins, as in order to start watching you have to uncover the media player that is hidden by multiple ads. In game-like fashion you have to “X” out to close the ad - clicking in the wrong spot will continue to produce more ads.

It took several minutes and a lot of mouse work, but I was finally able to watch NFL Thursday Night Football:

Watch NFL games online

Srikeout.me.  Stream NFL football games in 3 simple steps. You must endure more pop-ups, but that’s the “price” you pay when it comes to free.

But first, you need to ignore the click bait:

Watch NFL football free...


Watch NFL football online for free!

And finally:

Pay nothing to watch NFL football online...

Stream2u.tv.   I only had to endure 2 pop-windows and but 1 ad covering the media player before I was able to watch NFL football online live.

Watch NFL Online at Stream2u

While it's still far from HD quality, the video was the best among the sites listed here…

Watch NFL football online totally free...

The full screen mode wasn't too bad either:

Watch NFL Online in full screen...

Wiziwig.  While not quite as bad as First Row Sports, this site still had too many pop-up ads for my liking.

After closing 4 windows it was again time to play hide-the-video-player:

Watch NFL football online at your own risk...

The resolution was also a bit inferior compared to the other sites:

Watch NFL football online at Wiziwig

Free is good, but…

It's not always best. If you're not feeling the above options, consider that NFL Game Pass is nearly free. How do I figure that?

Well, it takes about 3 hours to watch one live NFL broadcast. In that same time frame, you can watch six condensed game replays with NFL Game Pass. At 6 games per week for an entire NFL season (96 games), you're talking $1.04 per game. Face it, it doesn't get any cheaper than that.

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